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Wedding details

We know! We are really into wedding details and really LOVE them. They are the perfect ingredients for an emotional wedding “telling a story”. Photography is born to capture the moment and freeze it in your memory. So details are always connected with people and their rituals. Everyone has different attitudes and dressing rituals and they can be the perfect subject for a 360° portrait of them.

The special person you are getting married with, you know so well and you can recognize her/him by the way of wearing earrings or moving her/his hands.

I can’t imagine a wedding reportage without details. I mean, they are so important to give a personal and intimate style at the shooting. When I started to shoot weddings in 2000 I was still a student at University of Design in Love with Photography. I worked for free with some wedding photographers of Milan because I knew how important experience for this kind of photography is. You always need to know every step of the day and how to move with confidence! And do you know which requested photos I had to take? DETAILS! And I was in LOVE with that pictures, and I always looked forward to them like hands, eyes, shadows special things and moments. Always! Particualr now with the amazing Lake Como background