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Two Women, two friends always in Love with Wedding/Lake photography.

How exciting it is waiting for your Wedding Day and how much attention has to be paid while choosing every little detail.

The “great day” is a unique moment in your life and holds all the emotions of a dream come true.

We have been telling the story of that day for 10 years and, for us it means, living it with you.

We share your emotions, capture the people’s expressions and the shades of light with at- tentive but discrete eye. We document the details chosen with such care.

We transform the gestures and the shades of light in great, elegant and authentic images.


Communication Designer e Photographer.
After my Visual and Communication Degree at Politecnico Milano
I followed my love for photography and started in the 2009
Wedding reportages in Italy and over the Europe.


Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer.
I followed my mother for over 20 years in this amazing passion
of photography. I have a great experience in International
and Italian Weddings.